They come in all sorts of packages, live in all different places…  some self-employed, some CEOs, working moms, members of Armed Forces with big dreams… people balancing their business, family, friends, love life, spirituality, health…

…knowing and learning that their favorite thing about themselves is also their gift to the world & their greatest source of abundance.  

A few of these, Tammy’s clients, share their success stories, freedom outcomes, and growth experiences from their breakthrough sessions, workshops, and classes…


“For years I didn’t think of myself as a real photographer, having gone to school for graphic design.  I joined Advance Academy to launch a jewelry line. After our second class on visioning, I realized I had been playing small. What I really wanted was to be a wedding photographer. Six weeks later, my business was already running, contracts in, I know clearly who my “YES” clients are and I’m turning a profit!  I am a lifetime fan of Tammy’s process: self-discovery with an action plan.” 

BROOKE SUMMERS / Wedding Photographer, Fort Lewis

“Before my first session with Tammy I wasn’t sure how she could help me or what I even wanted besides understanding of myself and freedom in my life.  After a few sessions I can say my life is already greatly improved. I am so blessed by these results! Tammy has a wonderful gift to share.  I would highly encourage you to book an appointment!

LIZA STANLEY / Owner of Shine Spa, North Tacoma

“Tammy lives life passionately & inspires others to do the same, to the rhythm of their own soul’s song. She’s taught me to follow the truth in me & has inspired me to imagine even greater possibility & love in the world. Tammy sees people so intently & specifically. She has connected & rooted me to a deep sense of my personal value. Knowing her is nothing short of magical.”

ALYSSA FIONA CAILLIER / Fashion Stylist, Greater Seattle Area

“Attending Tammy’s workshop was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.  Since that day, I’ve been transforming in amazing ways. Tammy’s accurate perception, innate intuition, and spiritual sensitivity to each individual is powerful! She truly has a unique passion and ability that I’ve never experienced with anyone else. Tammy empowers me to great change every time I’m with her. This was the beginning of my personal freedom!”


“After every class or session with Tammy I see major forward motion, not only with tangible results using practical tools, but also substantial progress & growth mentally & emotionally. Tammy listens with an ear for patterns, limiting beliefs & language in my words & habits. Each time, she is able to break open & unpack the boxes of fear & limitation that have held me back from achieving my dreams & goals in my life, business, & family. I am so grateful.” 

CANDACE MURILLO / Twin Mom & Essential Oils Expert, Tacoma

“I have experienced Tammy’s work in personal breakthrough sessions, in emergency sessions, as an attendee at her retreats, and as a student in her Advance Academy series classes. Life is, among many wonderful things, a challenge to understand and navigate. Whether my need is for a friend to listen to the voice of my heart, or a lantern-holder of light and truth for my path,Tammy has or invents valuable tools, shifted perspectives, focused mantras that I can use to carry on as learner-voyager on this magical orb called Earth.

NESA BEE DARLING / Designer/Space Use Consultant, North Tacoma

“In the one month following my first session with Tammy, I have already achieved my goal of recording a couple of songs in a studio, not to mention I have been eating the healthiest diet I ever have in my life. I lost 10 pounds and I feel great! My specific work included writing down certain things and reading them out loud daily. I can’t believe the change was this fast. These sessions really work!”

RUSTY G. / Freelance Contractor, Lakewood

In one session, Tammy helped me dismantle a fear that felt disabling. While writing a very personal book, I had become stalled due to fear. Together, we explored that fear, analyzed it, and then brought it down to its true size. With clarity, what once felt like a cliff now feels like a rock I can hold in my hand, a rock a can let go of if I so choose. But, the best thing is, I am no longer stuck! I now have the ability to move forward in a vital area of my life.

Thank you, Tammy!

CHELSEA JORDAN / U.S. Army, Wife and Mama of 2 Gorgeous Kiddos

When it comes to a session with Tammy, she’s able to deliver exactly what you need in that time. I enter my sessions with one energy and leave lightened and surrounded in love and light. I don’t know what I would do if we hadn’t crossed paths.  Tammy is a natural healer, giver, lover, & kindest spirit that just has a way of making things better.  God knew what he was doing when he put us in each others lives.

BROOKE LOCKHART BERNARD / Owner, The Beach House Salon, North Tacoma